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Helping Others

At Hungry for Christ in Hamilton, MI, we fulfill our mission of being God’s servant by helping those in need through a variety of programs.

Food Pantry Sharing Program

Each month, a number of local food pantries are able to place an order from our available food supplies for future pick-up to enable them to distribute to the families they serve. At Hungry for Christ, a faithful group of volunteers come together each week to pick these orders to prepare them for safe transportation to their destination. What a blessing it is to see the responses of those who receive these orders and to hear the testimonies from the families that receive this much-needed food.

Family Pantry Program

Hungry for Christ opens up its "Family Room" to area families in need so they can come gather the necessary food items for their families and loved ones. This ministry also allows us to interact with the families to offer encouragement and prayers on their behalf; another opportunity to become the hands and feet of Christ.

Backpack Sharing Program

Several local churches have linked arms with nearby elementary schools in an effort to provide food in a backpack for students who qualify for their school's free or reduced lunch program, ensuring that these students and their families will have some food and snacks during every weekend of the school year. Hungry for Christ is able to provide several food items for this vital ministry which continues to grow at an amazing rate each year.

Each month the host church will place an order based on the number of students they serve. They then will come to Hungry for Christ to pick up the food supplies necessary to fill an unmarked backpack with non-perishable food and will place this backpack in each student’s locker prior to the end of the day on Fridays. These backpacks are unmarked to help preserve the student’s dignity while carrying it to and from home and school. The student takes the backpack home and returns it on Monday to be repeated the following week.

Mobile Pantry Sharing Program

Our traveling mission’s mobility means Hungry for Christ can reach out to those beyond our immediate vicinity. We work in ongoing collaboration with churches, food pantries, and other organizations to load up and deliver much-needed food, drink, and supplies on a pre-set, monthly schedule. The items can then be dispersed to families in need without reservation. Our mobile food pantry collaborates with a church that hosts on an ongoing basis. Hungry for Christ freely gives items to church and the church distributes as part of their individual ministry.

Outreach Ministry

When a natural disaster strikes, Hungry for Christ has had the privilege to partner with local manufacturers of food and drink to reach out to help bring relief to disaster victims. In the past few years, dozens of semi-trailer loads of food and water and other important life sustaining items have been driven to places as far away as Alabama, Missouri, North Dakota, and Arizona. Our mission is to provide for those in need, even if those in need are quite a distance from Hamilton, being obedient to God's calling on this ministry.

How Can I Help?

Be a Sponsor! Call today to be a sponsor for our food programs if you are able to donate food, money, manpower, gas, etc., to help those in need in our county.

Be a Volunteer! Inquire about helping Hungry for Christ at our Donation Center with our deliveries, setting up, outreach, and more.

Be an Advocate! Tell your friends and family about the good works the people of Hungry for Christ do to help others. Your message will help our message go further!

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